Sparsh 2018

"Stories are a communal currency of humanity”

We have a fondness to listen to stories. We learn from these accounts. We learn about revenge, about hope and about compassion. We experience the same distraught as the story's protagonist and cry when our beloved character dies. We become more sensitive to others and seek out our own catharsis.

Human Evolution and Evolution of storytelling have walked hand in hand right from the day our ancestors made the first bonfire and huddled around it. And now, there are too many humans and few bonfires but storytelling has not stooped it has evolved.

George R R Martin said "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The Man who never reads lives only one." This is an apt summation for the storytellers and their stories. We will always live on through our stories.

Sparsh - 2018, has been one hell of a story too. From running to and fro in Mumbai to Pan-India reach digitally, we too have evolved. We met many new faces and heard many new stories. From desperation of deadlines to the long waiting hours in someone's office reception, we made our way out to stand on our own hard work. And you will the judge of our efforts.

Maybe, one day, if we meet around a bonfire, we can share our story!!!

Till then signing off !!!